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Your Life Countdown – How Much Time Do You Have To Waste?

I was talking with a friend today about setting goals and creating an action plan, but when it came to making decisions about action time-frames, he stated several times that there was no rush… he had plenty of time to get it all done.

We’ve all used this “there’s plenty of time” justification… but it’s important to recognize it for what it really is… a self justification for not doing the thing.

This whole conversation got me really thinking about time in general, and the actual length of my lifetime. When I really started to break it down… it was a bit scary to see how little time we actually have.

I really like this infographic from iamexec.com because it visually illustrates “lifetime” and how little of it we really have to accomplish all things that we want to do (for me.. that’s a lot).

After reading through the above illustration, there are some obvious places to “recapture” time. The average amount of time spent watching the “boob-tube” alone is enough to become a black belt, get another degree, learn another language and become a millionaire online marketer… {I’m being completely SERIOUS}

The good thing is… you don’t have to give up all those things, just re-evaluate where you really want to go, who you want to be and what you want to do in your lifetime… then set the proper course and NEVER look back.

I hope this got you thinking the way it did for me. I will alway reflect back on this visual whenever that little demon voice (at least mine sounds like a demon …LOL) pops up and says “Ahhh… there’s no rush!.. you’ve got plenty of time.”

How much time do you have left?… Isn’t it time to seriously get busy doing those things you’ve always dreamed you’d do in your “lifetime”?

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To Your Success!

~ Jon Ochs

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  • I just got a slap in the face, wake up call. I had writers block for an eBook which is all I have to finish to do a project launch. Jeff your PROCRASTINATING! Again! Thanks I needed that, big that time. I picked a niche, made a sales funnel, turned it into a website, contacted the company and got a monthly backend sale, have everything in place including the distributer and affiliates. Then with one job left called writers block. What scared the shit out of me is I’ll be 60 in July this year

    • Awesome Jeff… I love slapping people in the face 😉

      Have a great day! and be sure to come back and check out our future posts.


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