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This Could Be Why Your Online Marketing Results Suck?

I’m guessing that if you’re here on this blog post it’s probably because you saw the title of this post and it resonated with you… because you feel like your results might suck… am I right?

Here’s the thing…

I observe people marketing online every single day, and hear and see the majority of them sharing that they’ve been doing it for months and still haven’t made that first online sale, or gotten that first online paid signup.

If you’re one of those people… I’ve got a question for you…

How many active subscribers do you have on your list?

In my experience more than 75% of people marketing online have yet to get their first sale online… and when I ask that question about how many active subscribers they have, the answer is almost always a very low number… Zero… 20… 100… whatever it might be, it’s always less than 500 subscribers. How about you?

I have yet to come across someone with 500 or more active subscribers (people that actually opted in on their capture page).. that has not made at least one sale or signed up their first paid member (and it’s usually 3-4).

So, if you’re one of those online marketers that has been doing this for a while.. 1 month, 3 months… 6 months or more… my next question is…

Why don’t you have at least 500 subscribers?

The most common answer… “I can’t seem to get anyone to my website.”


Getting traffic is the easiest thing about online marketing, and I can teach my 8-year old to buy traffic for me. Yes, paid traffic requires an investment, but here’s the thing… Aren’t you in business?

If you’re running a real business, you’re going to have things you need to invest in…. training, tools, systems, and yes… Traffic!

Let me be clear… In my opinion, you should always be working on things that will create influence and authority… and eventually bring in organic free traffic. However, notice I used the word “eventually” in that sentence? …it’s because if all you’re doing is blogging and social media from the very beginning… it can take a while to get enough subscribers so you can begin cultivating your following, and begin to get regular sales.

Learning effective paid traffic strategies from the beginning will seriously shorten your time to get results… and for most people, it’s getting that first sale that really builds their belief in what’s possible.

“Those that are afraid to invest in themselves and their business… typically get no results, quit on themselves, and jump to the next thing that appears easier, only to continue that cycle of struggle.”

So allow me to prove my point…

How long does it take to get your first 500 subscribers?

1 Day!

…Yeah, you read that right… you can easily do it in 1 day… but if that’s too scary for ya, what if you just decided to do it this week?

The image below shows my stats from just 1 traffic source over a 3 day period, and after you take a look at it, I’m going to break down the numbers for you and show you what others won’t.

So let’s break that down so you really understand how this works…

Those 788 clicks cost me $0.72/click = $567 Investment in traffic.

Since that netted me 481 Leads (subscribers), that breaks down to a cost per lead of $1.17 ($567 / 481).

At a cost of $1.17 per highly qualified lead… it’s not hard to make money as long as you have a proven high-converting system like this one in place, with everything you need to build a profitable business.

In my current business model, every $1 Trial signup is worth ~ $125, so spending $24 per Trial signup in this case is highly profitable. I can do that all day long!!

That’s an investment of $567 in traffic, that will yield a return of $2,875, and a net profit of $2,308 over time.

Are you starting to get the picture?

So… If you’ve been feeling badly about your results, and perhaps whining about not getting any sales… could it be that you just need to get going… get enough subscribers so you can begin to actually have a business?

This stuff is really not that hard. Most people just need to step out of their own way, stop over-thinking everything… and just start taking the proven actions that are right in front of them.

“Start treating online marketing like a profession and you’ll start getting professional results!”

If you want to learn the exact proven strategies, step by step how to build a list of subscribers and go from ZERO to your first sale… then on to your first $5000 and upward… go right here and we’ll show you.

…And yes, we’ll even show you the exact traffic sources we use, as well as all our free traffic generation secrets.

Get out of your own way, watch this video…and just START!

To Your Success!

~ Jon Ochs

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  • Great Article Jon

    • Thanks Riley.. appreciate your comment 🙂

  • Thank you for sharing Jon. Great Post!

    • Welcome Rik.. thanks for your comment 🙂

  • Thanks Jon Ochs. Yes, The old saying money is on the list. But it takes time to list a solid list. I am trying to do so..

  • Thanks Jon,
    so clear, so straight – without list and without investments – no business

  • Thank you ! very useful content!

  • Great article, Jon – you presented the facts in a clear, logical way. I’ve always been in favour of good qualify paid traffic providing follow up is good too. Paid traffic is great for people who can invest into their business and generate quick time freedom too!

  • Good breakdown Jon. Getting the right targeted traffic can make all the difference. Awesome to see that your marketing investment (not expense) paid off in a positive return right away, not even including the residual ongoing return, or the future sales that you’ll generate from your follow-up sequence.

    Best of Success,

  • Great article and full of interesting information. Thanks Jon


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