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What Are Your {REAL} Odds Of Success In A Home Business

This question is commonly asked in the home business industry…

“What are my odds of success in …..”

The fact that people ask the question is one thing… but it’s how that question is addressed in their own minds that can have a real impact on the level of success they achieve in… well, EVERYTHING.

Let me explain…

Most people think of odds in terms of average results. Not only are “odds” completely different from “averages”, but mixing them up in your mind can lead you directly to failure.

“The odds of success in most things in your life are 100% controlled by YOU.”

If you join a gym and want to know what the odds are that you will get in shape…

…The odds are 100% as long as you show up, use your gym membership, be consistent and not quit until you are in shape.

However…. The average person who joins a gym shows up a few times, then becomes very inconsistent and eventually, a few months later, cancels their gym membership.

Let’s apply this same thing to getting your college degree…

Did you know that the average person who starts college, quits?

However, YOUR odds of getting your college degree are 100% as long as you start college, attend your classes, study and complete the coursework required for graduation.

“Average people will put more effort into worrying about what they will get, than they will put into getting what they want.”

Average people give up when things get difficult.

Average people blame others for their circumstances.

Average people struggle their entire lives.

Average people look at success with a gambler’s mentality.

Are you starting to see the trend here?

“Success becomes an eventuality for those who simply refuse to be AVERAGE.”

Great news!!! …This all applies to your home business as well

I’m certainly not stating that achieving success in your home business is easy… It’s just that it’s really very simple as long as you understand and believe that your success is controlled by YOU, and you alone…

Your odds of getting rich are 100%. Yes, REALLY!

All you have to do to ensure that you are successful is…

Align yourself with people already achieving success.

Watch, observe and listen to what they are showing you… Then take action!

Stop taking advice from those that are AVERAGE.

Stop treating YOUR success like it’s a lottery… Decide and Commit to your desired outcome!

“As human beings, we tend to over complicate everything.”

The bottom line…

Succeeding in any home business is about taking control of your “ODDS” and separating yourself from the AVERAGE.

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To YOUR Success!

~ Jon Ochs

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  • Hello John.
    Thanks for this Great Topic, it’s really true what have you put above, or it’s really easy to say , especially from you or from someone who have already success. but it’s really hard to stay focus to reach your dream, and to get all of this well done for someone who is just in the begining trying to find his way.(i’m talking about my self..)
    sorry for my bad english , it’s my third language!
    Thanks again , and good luck ! but i will join your team when i will be ready like i said to you before in private !! lol

    • Awesome Adel!… thanks for your comment, and we’re here for you when you’re ready to get started. 🙂

  • awesome post! lost of value here

    • Thanks Tyler! ..appreciate your comment 🙂

  • Jon, this is a great post, great analogies, great explanation!! Thanks for sharing!

    • You’re welcome Kathy… and thanks for dropping by 🙂

  • Hi Jon,
    Very good post on a Home Business and how the odds are controlled by the home business owner!

    ~Doris Hullett

  • Thanks for the great tips.

  • Jon… powerful messages here, ones that we hear so often from the inspirational speakers, and yet so many still fail to take the control they need to get to 100% success. I guess, as the saying goes, “it may be simple, but it isn’t easy.”

    • Exactly David!… thanks for your comment 🙂

  • EXCELLENT advice here! Well written, Jon!

  • Does this program have residual income? Only reason I ask is because I’ve been making commissions but I have to make sales on top of sales. I’m looking for something I can keep adding up and payout month after month.


    • Tommy… Yes,absolutely! It provides both residual and high-ticket commissions.. Unlike anything you’ve ever seen. 🙂

  • Thanks Jon, really like how you lay the odds and averages out, makes absolute sense, always enjoy reading your posts!

  • Really needed to read this today, thanks Jon!


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