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Shocking Sales Stats That May Change The Way You Look At Your Business

I just finished compiling some stats for my business and wanted to share them so you can see what’s possible…

Now, first off… let me say that I think I can continue to improve these stats a lot more.. and I will.

Also, important to note that my stats were not nearly this good when I first got started in this business just 25 months ago. This is the result of consistent learning and action. I have, and will continue to spend money on myself to further develop my knowledge and skills. If you’re not willing to do that, or think you can’t… you need to focus on that more than anything else. 🙂

Before we get into talking about numbers… please note that these are my business metrics, they are not typical and they are not a guarantee for you. Success in anything is not typical. I think we can all be adults about that.

Now.. on to the stats.

From November 1st – November 13th (13 days), these are my REAL stats, and I can back up everything with documented proof.

During this 13 day period, all traffic was from organic “Unpaid” sources.. this consisted of social media, videos, and blog posts… from an average of 2-3 hours per day of doing those money-generating activities.

Total leads captured: 121

Total new Customers/Team members: 22 (18%)

Total new Customers/Team members that purchased my first upsell product: 14 (63%)

To break this down… 22 of the 121 leads (people that opted in on my capture page) for this period joined my team… that’s 18% sales conversion on the front-end (Wow!!)… Then 14 of those 22 purchased my first upsell product.. and that’s a 63% conversion (Crazy!!).

There are a number of reasons for these numbers… first, the offer they are seeing is a massive value and solves a huge need in the market.. and the first upsell is 100% congruent with the main offer and offers a lot more value.

Now, here’s something really mindblowing… (at least I think so)… just with the above offer and upsell… I’ve been able to create in the last 74 days, a $2368.80/mo residual income… before anyone even upgrades into the main offer inside my business (my primary offer). Now, if I was running paid traffic, which I occasionally do… this would allow me to cover all my paid marketing costs (and then some) before the real profits even begin to come in. (that should have you’re gears turning).

So… just in the last 13 days, my business has generated a total $10,474 in total revenue… with zero paid advertising.

And what’s really cool… there is nothing I’m doing that’s difficult.

It’s just a matter of:

  • Committing to your own success.
  • Committing to the process of learning new skills.
  • Taking correct action daily with whatever time you can carve out.

So why isn’t everyone doing it?…

Simple…. because there’s no boss breathing down your neck, making sure you completed your work for the day. You have to become self-accountable… and accept ALL responsibility for your results… or lack thereof.

It’s a big shift from “Employee” to “Entrepreneur”… and almost everyone has been conditioned to the employee mindset. Most people hold beliefs in their minds about the entrepreneurial model that are completely out of sync with reality…

For example:

Most believe that the way to be successful is to “work your way up”, and in the “Employee” model, that works fine.

However… in the “Entrepreneur” model… that is completely ridiculous. Who wants to buy from, or work with someone who’s just trying it out… dabbling a little to see if it works? …NOBODY. It’s like opening a shoe store, but waiting until you’re profitable to fully setup your store… or learn anything about shoes or running a shoe store.

Can you see how completely backwards that is?…. Yet, that’s how 97% of people who make the initial jump from employee to business owner think… and that is why they almost always fail… they’re never fully “in business”.

I wanted to throw that in here because I want everyone reading this to understand that YOU can get the same, or even better results than I have…. but only if you understand how to approach your business, and run your business like you mean it.

I get asked all the time how I get these results… the answer is… I fully committed, and always continue to work at it.

Now… this is something very important that I want to be clear about…

Almost all network marketing and affiliate marketing business models will fall far short of these kind of numbers. This is simply because they pay out dramatically smaller commission percentages than the business model I have demonstrated. In addition, if you’re engaged in the traditional methods of marketing (making your list, Prospecting, chasing friends and family, etc.), you will have a very hard time achieving the kind of numbers necessary to create a substantial income, or it will take you 5-10 years to do it.

You might be thinking that I must have a huge team in order to achieve these numbers… I don’t. My team consists of around 350 people… none of whom I “prospected”. Like any network marketing business, only a small percentage of those 350 are active.

My number one suggestion to anyone currently in a business is… DO THE MATH.

Understand your business model and be sure you know what it will take to get to your income goals. Not what your company told you… not what your sponsor told you… understand it yourself.

Once you understand your metrics, you will be able to clearly see if getting to your goal is achievable… what time-frame will be required to get there using your current methods of marketing… etc.

No matter what you do… you have to develop your “Entrepreneurial” mindset… and that will lead you in the right direction. When you can think like a successful business owner, you begin embracing failure as valuable feedback that you can use to improve your business. You stop comparing yourself to others and begin understanding your business, developing your skills… and your results… and the thought of giving up on your dreams never enters your mind.

So I hope you found this post helpful.. and perhaps enlightening. If you did, please leave me a comment below and feel free to share this post with others.

If you’re looking to join the ranks of entrepreneurs that truly create both success and time-freedom… and do it with total transparency… take a serious look at the business model I use to get these results. Everything I use is completely setup for you… and by joining our team, you get access to all the additional training where I share exactly what I, and others are doing to get these results. …IT ALL STARTS HERE!

To Your Success!

~ Jon Ochs

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  • Jon,
    I love the addition of this new blog. Thank you for continually inspiring me to work smarter, and make smart connections!


    • Awesome Heidi… thanks so much for your comment. 🙂

  • Great post, Jon. Love the way you write and explain things. 🙂

    • Thanks Lola.. I appreciate that 🙂

  • Thank you Jon so very much for being my mentor my leader and my coach. You always have value and new training methods to help us all. You were the person I was looking for in this business. Thank you.

    • You are so welcome Efren… the pleasure is mine 🙂

  • Jon;

    Thank you for helping set me up and my few friends up with Ipas2!

    You have been a great mentor thus far and I am looking eagerly forward to our continued work together.


    • Keshav.. it was my pleasure bro! Looking forward to seeing your success 🙂

  • Jon as my mentor, sponsor and team leader I really appreciate what you are doing for us. Thank you for explaining as clearly as you have how our system can work, and the examples of your success to which we can aspire and achieve.

  • You always share detailed and thoughtful information & telling it like it is.. Appreciate you for that Jon!


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