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What You HAVE To Do To Start Making Money Online

I had a subscriber ask me this recently…

“What do I have to do to start making money online?”

I laughed at myself thinking about the answer I would have given this person about two years ago when I first got started …I would have written a small book that would have put even the most enthusiastic person to sleep.

What I’ve found as my wife Crystal and I have achieved more and more success as entrepreneurs, is that our answers have gotten shorter to questions like these. …A lot shorter.

Here was my response…


I see so many people get locked up at the starting gate of success… They get so tangled up in questions, planning, re-planning, and thinking… that they never start moving, and thus never achieve anything.

Being an entrepreneur is NOTHING… I repeat NOTHING like your day job or anything else you’ve done before. Trying to find answers to every question, plan for every contingency, re-planning, and over thinking pays you absolutely nothing as an entrepreneur.

“It’s interesting, in what I’ll call the “day job” world you’re actually rewarded for planning, re-planning, and thinking about how to execute. In the entrepreneurial world you can actually be punished for doing those things.”

We often say that the Universe loves speed. It’s true. I see it play out on almost a weekly basis in our business…

Person A is doing research. Searching, planning, re-planning, talking, thinking, trying to get answers to every question. They dress it up in excuses and stalling but call it “research”.

Person B starts. They don’t understand it all, they learn as they go, they take a ton of action. Some of it hits, some of it misses, but then something magical happens… They GET THEIR FIRST POSITIVE RESULT!!!

Why?… Because they actually moved!

They started and as a result of taking action are beginning a powerful series of events that leads to something that totally changes the game… MOMENTUM!

Meanwhile Person A is… well… still.

Don’t get stuck at “Still”… just START. …If you don’t know where… here’s a great place to start where thousands are now creating massive success. See tons of real proof right here.

To Your Success!

~ Gary Miller

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