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Top 4 Online Money Generating Activities

When it comes to running an online business, it’s very easy to be busy. In fact, right now there are millions of people online around the world that are extremely busy… being busy.

The problem is most people (at least 97% of them) are getting little to no monetary return for their online marketing and business building efforts.

The difference between those making nothing and those generating serious profits online can be very easily found by analyzing the online activities they consistently engage in.

“Ask any top online earner, and they will all agree that focusing on these 4 time-leveraged money generating activities is the key to online success in ANY business. However, most people never bother to learn how to do these effectively… Instead, they chase the money and spend countless hours per day focused on activities that don’t produce any measurable results.”

The Top 4 Online Money Generating Activities For 2014

1. Blogging and Social Sharing

Writing blog posts may seem like an intimidating task at first (I know it was for me). You may not know what to write about, or how to write it, but it’s really quite simple and easy to come up with content that people will enjoy reading, get value from and share with others.

Blogging and sharing high-value content consistently will generate high-quality traffic over time, as well as build your influence and authority in your market. Don’t make the mistake of quitting after only a few posts…. do it consistently and focus on getting better at this skill. Blogging consistently, whether that’s daily or weekly, can create viral sustainability in your business… that’s valuable traffic that keeps coming in long after you did the work!

2. Creating and Promoting Videos

Video is such an incredible medium for marketing simply because you can get across your message so much more effectively. You can use video to instruct, promote, demonstrate, connect and build relationships… all at the same time! With the right steps, you can also rank video content above other results, getting more traffic and increasing your effectiveness.

Video content can be added into your blog post as well as shared across all social media platforms. People are 3 times more likely to click on a video, than they are on any other type of content.

3. Emailing Your Subscribers (Relationship Building)

I’m sure you’ve heard that the money is in your list… Well, it’s absolutely true. Emailing your list is by far one of the most time leveraged activities you’ll ever engage in. Imagine being able to send out 1 email with just a few clicks, and have that bring in thousands of dollars over the course of a single day… All while never even talking to a single person. Building a list and communicating with them regularly, sharing value-based content and helping your subscribers get what they want… is the fastest and most effective way to get what you want.

“If you’re trying to make money online and you’re not building a list of subscribers… you won’t be in business for long.”

When I recently polled my subscribers and asked them the #1 reason they’re not building a list… The response was overwhelmingly because they don’t know how. (if that’s you too… pay attention to the info at the end of this post).

4. Managing Paid Traffic Campaigns

When you have the right offer combined with high-converting capture pages and a complete sales funnel, your ability to scale your income relies only on more traffic…

Getting traffic is by far the easiest thing to do online (even though most think it’s hard). Some of my paid traffic campaigns take as little as a few minutes per week to manage. I just log on, check stats and make sure things are on track.

One thing I see commonly happen to online marketers… They venture into paid traffic before they really understand the foundational elements (Traffic, Lead Capture, Conversions) that must be in place in order for that traffic to be profitable. …And because they don’t really know what they are doing, then tend to fall for low-quality traffic vendors that will simply “disappear” their marketing dollars.

Get this stuff right… and you create an incredible and sustainable business that can be scaled beyond your wildest dreams.

The Time-Suck Pitfall

Those that are unsuccessful at online marketing tend to focus more of their time on activities that are time intensive and highly unlikely to ever generate any money, or they spend money on tools that will do these useless tasks automatically… and still get little to no results. That is partially why unsuccessful online marketers tend to jump from one thing to the next, looking for the secret that will help them break through. They spend all day, every day seeking information and getting advice from other’s in the exact same predicament.

Good News! …There’s NO SECRET!

The same things that are working today in 2014, are the same things that have been working for years for those in the know. Yes, there are always new developments in technology, new social media sites and Google search algorithm changes… However, the 4 activities listed above have changed very little, and have only adapted to new platforms and updates. In fact, some the the activities in the list above are so simple that people tend to not believe they are effective.

A quick little QUIZ for you…

Are you spending “business” time on these common time-wasting activities?

  • Hanging out on Facebook, reading through your feed.
  • Lurking in marketing/guru forums.. trying to find marketing strategies.
  • Researching the latest marketing loopholes or money making strategies.
  • Setting up and customizing your website(s).
  • Posting about your business in Facebook Groups.
  • Using “cheesy” auto posting/spamming software.
  • Chatting with people online trying to “persuade” them to buy or join.

Before you feel to badly about where you’ve been putting your time, let me share with you that I’ve been there. I know this stuff because I spent several years struggling online… searching for that elusive “secret” before I got my head straight. I spent a ton of money chasing shiny products and “loophole” strategies, as well as taking advice from “broke” marketers… It always ends the same way… with continued struggle and frustration.

But… You can DECIDE right now to end that cycle… say NO to the distractions… and FOCUS on Learning what actually works… from people actually getting the results you want!!!

There’s no secret… but there’s definitely a PATH

What if I told you that everything outlined above… all 4 of the most effective online activitiescan be done in just a couple hours per day.

It’s true!… and you can learn how to master them all step-by-step in one place, with an entire online community supporting you every step of the way. If you’re interested in finally getting the results you want online… Learning how to “generate traffic on demand”, capture leads, and convert leads into sales and new team members automatically… Click Here and check out what we’re all about!

…and if you’re having a hard time getting any traction with your online marketing… this new platform is something you need to see.

The Next Step is Yours.

To Your Online Success!

~ Jon Ochs

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