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YouTube Embed Commands – How To Take Full Control Of Your Embedded Videos

Have you ever wanted to disable the video title link in a YouTube video embedded into your blog post? …How about having your videos auto-play, removing the YouTube branding or starting the video at a certain spot?

By default when you use YouTube’s embed code to add a video to a post, if a visitor clicks on the video title header, they will be redirected to the original video on YouTube and away from your website. This is a function of YouTube’s embedded flash player, and in most cases it’s not the desired action.

Often a visitor will inadvertently click the video title area intending to play the video, but will instead be whisked away to the video on YouTube, only get distracted by all the other related videos and ads.

Another common issue is that once the video is done playing in your post, by default it will display related videos that can again distract visitors away from your site.

In this post I’m going to share with you the most popular and easy to use YouTube embed commands that will solve those issues and more… and allow you to take full control of your embedded YouTube videos.

YouTube Video Embed Commands

Removing the YouTube video title link and uploader info

The title link is the title of the YouTube video that displays at the top right edge of the embedded video. For more embedded applications, it is not desirable to have this link that sends a visitor off your page and back to YouTube.

To prevent the video title link and uploader from showing before the video plays, just add the following to the embed URL string: &showinfo=0

Removing the YouTube logo

Most don’t know that you can prevent the YouTube logo and most of the other YouTube branding from displaying in your embedded video. (NOTE: Due to YouTube’s terms of use, the YouTube logo will still display during video play)

To remove the majority of the YouTube branding, add the following to your embed URL string: &modestbranding=1

Set your embedded YouTube video to autoplay

This command will force the video to start playing as soon as the page loads. This is often very useful for certainly applications such as sales videos.

To set the embedded video to autoplay, just add the following to the embedded URL string: &autoplay=1

Hide the related videos that display at the end of your YouTube video

This one can also be set inside YouTube when you are configuring your embed code, but you can also add it manually.

To hide the related videos, add the following to the embedded URL string: &rel=0

Hide the YouTube player controls

There are some cases where you may not want your viewers to have access to the video player controls; only giving them the ability to play and pause the video.

To hide the YouTube player controls, add the following to the embedded URL string: &controls=0

Start video play at a specific time in the video

You may want to start your video at certain number of seconds into the video, so your visitor can skip right to the desired spot in your embedded video. Here’s how to do that…

To start video at a certain spot, just add the following to your embed URL string: &start=x (x=seconds from the beginning)

Here is an example YouTube embed code that uses all of the above and will start the video 6 seconds from the beginning:


In addition to the above, there are more embed codes… but most will never have the need to use anything more than what is provided in this post.

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